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We are "be love"

We are a people just like you.

A movement.

A community built around the idea that love is most effective when it is something we become. We believe that in becoming love, the doing and showing flow naturally from within. This allows all that we do to be done in love. True love. The main focus of every decision we make.

Our aim is to infiltrate the many institutions of America with Love and Hope that we believe is lacking thereof. Colleges and Prisons are just some of the many places we see a need for Love to be brought.


We have begun gathering monthly, creating a space for young adults to encounter love through Music and Christ Centered teachings. 

Every monthly gathering that we host results in young men and women walking away from depression, anxiety and many other mental/emotional related health issues that run rampant in Gen-Z.

Our gatherings have a heavy focus on facing certain issues and walking through what will heal those issues. And we’ve seen just that! A mass healing that has taken hold of all in attendance. Healing of all shapes and sizes but, lives changed nonetheless. 

Amidst these nights of encounter we have seen an abundance of lives flipped upside down. We have seen Hearts restored, depression overcome and hope established. Many incredible stories have been birthed from these nights and we pray for many more to come.


Along with College-Aged gatherings, we have set our eyes on the prison systems. We hold a fervent conviction that love has no prejudice. The love of Christ is for everyone. With that very belief we have begun ministering inside of our local prison's and jailhouses. Just like our other gatherings we bring music coupled with a message of Love. Watching tears stream down the faces of even some of the hardest of prisoners has been nothing short of clear evidence that the simplicity of the gospel of Love Works!

Lastly, we are very intentional about being love on a daily basis. We consider the moments spent "offstage" far more important than those spent in front of a crowd. Whether that crowd be college kids or inmates. We have come to the conclusion that true love only stems from time spent with He who is Love. Jesus. And by spending this time with Him we carry whatever it is found in that time, by our side wherever we go.

In doing so we have seen a large and growing impact on the community and lives around us. In the end, it is nothing we have done. The impact we see on a daily basis is not conditional. It is not because of what talents and abilities we may have. We look at those as tools.

Just as a hammer is able to create, it may also be used to destroy. What matters is the intention of the hands holding the hammer.

So we give our abilities and talents (tools) over to the one who's intentions are always good. Jesus.

Amidst this practice, we continue to see the beauty of love unfolding everywhere we go. 


We invite you to join us.

Wake up each morning and choose Love.

Spend time with He who is love.

Come and see what amazing Destiny begins to unfold when your main focus is becoming love. The love that you have been gifted. 

1 John 4:19

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