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12-23-21 - The Call

Updated: Apr 14, 2023

A few weeks had passed. A small amount of texts were exchanged between Harrison and I before we were finally able to hop on a phone call. We spoke for three hours. Within this time the both of us shared multiple things that God had placed on our hearts. Harrison shared how God showed him that he would be united with a people who had roots in Plymouth Massachusetts. They would be the remnant of New Hampshire and draw Him to UNH. I then told him that my family was from Plymouth and were quite literally the remnant of of our church which had closed its doors two years earlier.

He went on to share with me a revelation God gave him concerning the star of Bethlehem and how it drew the wise men to Christ. He explained how the true miracle within that story was that the wise men provided Mary and Joseph sustained their ministry of raising Christ. I then responded under the unction of the Holy Spirit that If this calling was truly God, He would provide us with wise men from the east just as He did Mary and Joseph that would come bearing gifts to help sustain our ministry. Harrison then stated that we were to resemble that star and draw others unto Christ by “Being Love” (see “the beginning”)

He then spoke over my life, saying that my music would produce a heavenly sound that brought people into the presence of the Lord. I confirmed this word by sharing with Him how someone spoke that same thing verbatim over a year prior to our phone call. I then invited Harrison to my church. I told him that his family could spend a Saturday night at our house and come with us the following morning. He asked me what church I go to and I told him “Calvary Wolfeboro”. On the other end of the phone was silence and all of a sudden, a burst of laughter. “Justin Marbury?” He asked, “Yes!” I said. Harrison then went on to explain how he had met my pastor 7 years earlier on the Fourth of July. Justin prayed over him just a few weeks before He had an encounter, “more on that later though” he said. The entire phone call was filled with many confirmations that blew us away. Harrison was so hung up on the star of Bethlehem He said because the morning He had the “Bethlehem star revelation” His son had drawn a picture of a manger with a star above. I was at a loss for words once the phone call ended.

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