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In The Beginning...

This story begins all the way back in the summer of 2020. I was asked by friends of mine to provide music for their wedding. With much joy I said yes! This wedding brought all that one might expect. Happy hearts, a beautiful ceremony and great food. While the night began to come to an end I was approached by a man under the wedding tent. With wide eyes and a smile emitting the joy of Christ He came close and said “brother, I don’t know who you are but you have an anointing all over you. God has told me that you and I are going to join together in ministry and see a powerful move in this nation. I was a little taken back but accepted His words with a smile and a nod. He then left, just as quickly as he came.

Fast forward to October of 2021…

I had since indulged myself in a selfish and ego driven lifestyle. Doing whatever I could to maintain a sense of self importance. This took me down a long dark path full of hurting myself and others deeply. I knew God, but didn’t have a full understanding of Him. I then had an encounter with Him one night, just a few days after my birthday. He showed me my kingdom. Gave me a tour of the towers built in false ego and self exaltation. We walked the outer walls that were built by hands drenched in shame and guilt. We strolled hallways lined with tapestries of every person I had hurt. He brought me to the town square where a fountain sat. Stagnant water of sin that never quenched my thirst. He showed me a courtyard of wooden statues. Each one representing the choices I had made in abandon of self value and the value of others.

Then… He showed me His kingdom.

Towers rang with bells of worship to Him. Walls stood high above every threat of condemnation trying to enter. We strolled hallways where tapestries hung telling stories of deliverance and redemption. In the town square sat a fountain flowing with rivers of living water. The courtyard was home to a vast number of golden statues that represented the fruits of the spirit; love, joy, peace, patience, faithfulness and self control.

He showed me my Kingdom.

His was better.

He then instructed me to Be Love, where I was once destructive.

In this moment I bowed in surrender to Him. I died unto self and began what I would soon discover one of the greatest adventures of life. This is the adventure you are about to read.

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