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10-5-21 - The Reunion

Updated: Apr 14, 2023

I am now on tour with my good friend Austin French. Each night has brought forth anointed music and stories. This night however brought something unexpected. At the end of the show I am approached by a familiar face. Harrison Lounsbury (the man from the wedding) “BEN LAINE” he exclaimed loudly… “Do You Remember Me?!?” Of course I remembered Him, how could I forget that moment a year and a half earlier. He went on to explain how God spoke to Him back in October, this time with more clarity. He shared with me that called called him to UNH and that I was to join him in this calling. He had no clue that I lived in New Hampshire only 20 minutes from the campus of UNH. In this moment I was intrigued. Could this be God? We went our separate ways after exchanging phone numbers. This was the beginning of a Holy fastening. Neither of us had any idea of what was about to take place.

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An amazing series of Devine appointments, ordained by the Holy Spirit, certainly! All part of God's eternal purpose, without question! God is so good, and He surely has a plan here in bringing together these two men of God! Can't wait!! .....Jerry

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