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12-30-21 - Frederick B. Whittemore

Updated: Apr 14, 2023

God had recently placed the “Whittemore arena” on my heart. This was a hockey Arena on the campus of UNH that held up to 7,500 people. For many days I was troubled with why god directed me to this place specifically. In years past I would see the arena whenever I drove through UNH. I imagined it being used for large gatherings in Jesus name, this now seemed to be more of a reality than I thought. After sitting on the thought I decided to research the arena. I came across an article written about Frederick B. Whittemore, the man whom the arena was named after. He was a highly influential figure in his time with many occupations including farming. None of which however related to the vision God resurrected within my heart. I reached the end of the article and BINGO. It closed in a statement saying “Mr and Mrs Whittemore are consistent members of the church, God fearing and sincere christian people. This hockey arena was named after a christian man who I’m crazy enough to imagine prayed over the land for years on end. Mr Frederick would LOVE to see this arena used for the Lord.

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