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1-1-22 - A Voice in the Bathroom

Updated: Apr 14, 2023

Harrison and his family spent the night at our house tonight. My parents were excited to finally meet the man their son had been rambling about for the past month. While we sat at the dinner table Harrison began to share with us his story. In his own words he had gotten in “big boy trouble” years ago and was on his way to spending a large amount of the rest of his life in prison. He prayed and asked God to save him from this situation and in return he’d spend his life preaching the gospel. While in sentencing the judge looked up at him and said “Harrison Lounsbury, leave my courtroom. All charges are dropped and I never want to see you again”. He did just that, meeting his confused wife in the lobby of the courthouse He left and never looked back. Fast forward to & years ago he is spending the Fourth of July in Wolfeboro where he meets a pastor who prays over him. “God give Harrison and encounter” he spoke. Only a week later while at work Harrison hears the voice of the Lord for the first time… “Go to Home Depot”

The following hour Harrison spent wrestling God. What an odd request. Finally he went. While walking through the doors of Home Depot God highlighted two men sitting on buckets. Harrison went into the store and made a deal with God. “If they’re still there on my way out I will talk to them”. Sure enough, after checking out he headed for the door where the two men sat. They were dressed in traditional African clothing and seemed to be waiting. Harrison approached and said “hey guys! How are you!”. They shot up as if they’d seen a ghost. Amidst broken English and electric tones Harrison was able to piece together what was being said “YOU ARE HIM”. He has no clue why they meant but went with it. They exchanged numbers and he later met up with them at the Cheesecake Factory. They introduced themselves as jimmy and Isaac and went on to explain that they had come to America from Uganda for a bible conference in Minnesota. Whilst there, God told them to go to Boston where they would find a man of God to take back to Uganda and see Revival break out. None of this made sense to Harrison, but they continued. “We didn’t have enough money to fly home, let alone come to Boston. But people began coming up to us and offer bud ticketed, hotel rooms, etc etc.”.

“We made it here by the miracle provision of Jehovah Jireh”. Harrison was still perplexed… “why me?” He asked. they went on to explain that while at Home Depot jimmy went into the bathroom and heard a voice repeat “hey guys, how are you” over and over again. When He came out there was no one there. The moment Harrison approached them following that experience in the bathroom it was HIS voice that jimmy heard. Harrison was skeptical, rightly so… but began to spend more and more time with these two men. He ended up going to Africa and seeing the spirit of God pour out upon every single village, town and city that they stepped foot in. Within the last seven years He has seen thousands upon thousands of muslims, atheists and witches come to the Lord. He continued to share all that God has been doing in Uganda for the past seven years. “So why are you here” asked my mom. “In 2020 I came home amidst the pandemic. The following year God told me to stay. In October of 21’ God told me that what He did with the nation of Uganda He was going to do with a generation in America and Harrison wasn’t to go back to Uganda until there work was done…

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