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1-22-22 - Wise Men

Updated: Apr 14, 2023

YESU YA MUKAMA. Jesus is Lord. This day has been a nonstop encounter with the providence of

our Lord. It began with a conversation Harrison and I had with a woman named Laura Chen. We had begun to tell her about UNH and all that God was doing. She piped in and shared “I feel like God might want to use music to reach the kids” At this point in time she had no clue that my entire life and ministry revolved around music. She then asked if we would need any help obtaining the equipment needed to put on such crusades. I assured her that we had all that we need when it came to equipment. Just then, Harrison said, “Well, we do need 200 ft towers for the speakers. So we can reach the entire area Reinhard Bonnke style. Would you be willing to climb that high and hang speakers? He asked? She responded in a very matter of fact tone “I wouldn’t climb that high but my wallet could build a few towers that high if needed.” I then shared with her how God had showed me that he was going to bring us wise men from the East whose gifts would help sustain our ministry. (see journal entry Dec 23). She chuckled and responded ‘I want you to share that with my husband’ Moments later we found ourselves talking with Julia. The woman whose job it is to oversee and plan all that goes on at the Moody Center. She began sharing her heart for the place. And how she wanted to use it for a retreat place for college kids. The auditorium becoming a place to host the presence of God and transform lives by the preaching of the gospel and worship. She also shared that God had been placing on her heart to have a recording studio to be built on the campus. Right up our alley! We shared with her out heart for college kids and campuses. She looked at the two of us and said “Boys, this place is yours, you have the keys to this center and all the lies within for whenever, however, what ever God leads you to use it for.” We then took a short field trip to the auditorium. It wasn’t until I walked in and saw the star of David on the ceiling that I turned to Harrison and asked What day is it today? “January 22 nd .” We both fell to the floor. (See journal entry Dec 27). As we left the auditorium, we told Laura’s husband about the wise men prophecy. He began to bawl his eyes out. Walking down the auditorium steps, Laura pulled Harrison aside and said “want to know something funny? My middle name means Wise Men in Mandarin.

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