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1-27-22 - Come to the Table

Updated: Apr 14, 2023

We spent the night tonight praying and worshiping with Scott Cornell at his house. We were joined by his wife and two others from church – Mia and Ty. The six of us shared testimony and spoke into each other’s life. While sharing about UNH, Scott told us that he is very good friends with a businessman who is sowing into the ministries on campus. As he shared, Harrison asked, is this the man who owns TurboCam? Yes, Scott replied, Marion Noronaha. Harrison began laughing. He then went to tell us how he met Marion several months back at a business breakfast. Marion was the guest speaker at this particular event. And in the middle of his testimony he turned to Harrison and spoke “Plant a church at UNH”. He went to this particular breakfast because his friend invited him saying that “he would receive a confirmation about UNH”. How much clearer could the Lord be? As the night went on, we began to worship. The Holy Spirit began to speak through me and out came “Come and sit at my table the bread is still warm, your cup is overflowing” We met and received the character of Jesus that night.

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