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1-28-22 - Invisible

Updated: Apr 14, 2023

Tonight I was on the football field at UNH once again. To set the scene, when I pray all over the campus, it is not an under-the-breath prayer. I raise my voice and grab hold of Heaven with all that is within me.

This particular night I was in the middle of the football field raising my voice to the heavens. Phil 4:6, As I am praying, a campus Police Car whips into the stadium. I may or may not have been causing a ruckus. Fully prepared to speak with the officers, I was stunned by what happened next. One of the officers stepped out onto the football stands, he approached the railing with a clear view of the field and with a flashlight looked around the field multiple times as if searching for something. All the while my voice growing louder and stronger. After standing for about a min, he turned and walked away. Think of this how you will, but it is my belief that these officers are trained to specifically find “out of the ordinary” persons on campus and deal with them. In my own opinion, standing in the center of a football complex at 11:30 pm yelling, is quite out of the ordinary. However, they did nothing. This is not the first time that something of this sort took place. And I am led to believe that I am invisible when on campus.

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