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5-4-22 - The Cabin

Updated: Apr 14, 2023

Last night Harrison and I spent the night at our friend Scott's cabin. (see journal entry Dec. 26)

We got up and went out for coffee downtown Wolfeboro in the morning. Upon pulling back into the driveway I felt the Spirit of God fall on the car. It got stronger and stronger, and I knew if I didn’t jump out I would be stuck in the driver’s seat under the weight of His glory. Electric Honey. I ran inside and immediately fell to the floor. Harrison fell at the same instant on the front porch in the pouring rain. We both laid there for what seemed like hours crying rejoicing and praying. Harrison then shouted from outside for me to grab the guitar. I didn’t know there was a guitar so I went upstairs and found an old children’s guitar in one of the bedrooms. It was out of tune and the strings were janky. A perfect equation for heavenly praise. I came downstairs and began to sing as Harrison crawled in through the door. He got up and immediately fell in the same spot where I had fallen. I began to sing and worship prophetically with the out of tune guitar in my hands. All that came to my lips was “All I wanna do, all I wanna do, is cast my crowns on you.” This went on for a few solid mins until God began to respond through song. “All you have to do, all you have to do is cast your cares on Me”. I then began to sing prophetically “You look up and see a blind man but I made the blind man see. So cast your cares on me. You look up and see the broken but I see a restored family, so cast your cares on me.” This was God speaking. This went on for over an hour while Harrison laid on the floor in a puddle of his own tears. We were both wrecked. We were on Holy Ground.

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